Client Comments

Client Comments Image”My father has been in a Nursing Home for over 5 years when we realized that he was coming to the end of his resources. Then we heard about Medicaid Eligibility, Inc. We learned from the friendly and knowledgeable Nursing Home specialists how Florida Medicaid works and the options available to us.


We learned the balance of my father’s resources could be preserved, and he could become eligible to apply for Medicaid. Medicaid Eligibility was patient and helpful, and explained the application and approval process step-by-step. They filed all of the necessary paperwork on our behalf, and kept us informed throughout.


The kindness and consideration of the Nursing Home Medicaid Specialists to my father’s needs made the process easier for us so we could concentrate on other things. We don’t know the laws, or how the laws can benefit us, so we are glad we turned to Medicaid Eligibility for our needs.”


No one looks forward to having a family member enter a nursing home and few people completely understand all of the Medicaid eligibility requirements that can help them pay for it. At Medicaid Eligibility, Inc., we specialize solely in Florida nursing home Medicaid eligibility.  That means you have the experts on your side when it’s time to prepare for paying on-going nursing home expenses

The Nursing Home specialists at Medicaid Eligibility are here to assist you and your family members with Nursing Home Medicaid benefits. We are experienced with Florida Medicaid, and will get you the prompt approval you need. There are many good reasons to work with someone who understands your Medicaid options. We help you:

  • Get the best nursing home care possible with the least out-of-pocket expense.
  • Make Florida Medicaid’s Institutionalized Care Program (ICP) work for you.
  • Qualify for the Nursing Home Care Program in Florida
  • Work with attorney to create an asset protection plan so you do not have to spend down your assets.