You will receive a legally viable customized strategy designed to preserve your, or your loved one’s, assets and you will receive a formal recommendation with step by step plans for restructuring Medicaid for Nursing Homesyour assets.

Using our network of experienced Medicaid attorneys, we help you meet your eligibility requirements. Medicaid Eligibility Inc. believes a team approach is far better for getting the low-cost results you deserve.

Initial Consultation By Phone

Our initial meeting is usually a telephone conversation at which time we’ll learn about you, your family, and the family member applying for Medicaid for the nursing home.

Followed By A Face To Face Meeting

This meeting can take place at your home, at the nursing home, or at one of our offices located throughout the state and is an opportunity for you to meet a Medicaid Eligbility, Inc. representative in person. At this meeting, we will review the applicant’s finances in greater detail including assets and income specifics and accurately assess your family’s overall financial situation.

By the conclusion of this call, you will learn valuable information/facts about applying for nursing home Medicaid, and why your decision to consult with us as a sound one.

Next Step:

If you choose to have Medicaid Eligibility, Inc. become the “Designated Representative” for your family member applying for Medicaid for a nursing home, we will perform the following services:

  • Assist family member with document collection.
  • Complete the Medicaid “Request for Assistance” application, and submit it to the Department of Children and Families.
  • Represent the client at any required interviews/meetings with the Medicaid caseworker, and present all case items required for approval.
  • Follow up on any additional information the caseworker may require, and see the application through to approval.
  • We keep you and the nursing home informed throughout the process, until approval.

How We Are Compensated

We charge a very reasonable fee based on what the applicant’s needs are depending on the complexity of your customized Medicaid plan. Also, as a Florida licensed financial aid and insurance agency, we provide Medicaid compliant annuities and guaranteed issue life insurance, when appropriate, to preserve and protect assets as part of our value-added products consulting services.  We receive commissions from the financial institution issuing the annuity or life insurance as part of our compensation.