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You’ve Come to Florida’s Nursing Home Medicaid Specialist

If  you or a family member are a Florida resident who needs help qualifying for Medicaid (ICP) to help pay for long term care in a nursing home or assisted living facility, request your information booklet today.

Home Page ImageWe don’t look forward to having a family member enter a nursing home and understanding the medicaid eligibility requirements that can help them pay for it is difficult.

We specialize in helping families correctly arrange finances to meet eligibility guidelines for Florida’s ICP program when a family member requires long-term nursing home. That means you have the financial specialists on your side–people who truly understands your Medicaid options.

Let us help you:

  • Get the best nursing home care possible with the least out-of-pocket expense.
  • Make Florida Medicaid’s Institutionalized Care Program (ICP) work for you.
  • Contact and coordinate with an Experienced Medicaid Attorney within our exclusive network.

Why Spend Down Assets When You Don’t Need To?

Medicaid rules and regulations are tricky. We work with an attorney to help you put in place the money-savings tactics and strategies that will enable your family member to be eligible for Florida’s Medicaid Nursing Home Program – without having to spend down substantial portions of your assets to do so.

The Federal Government and State of Florida continuously change Medicaid rules, making it difficult for many people to know if they are using the correct information and making the right financial choices regarding a family member’s nursing home stay. Let us plan, organize, and obtain your Florida Medicaid APPROVAL for today!

We Help You Get Approved

Request your free booklet today and find out more about how to preserve your life-savings, and have peace of mind while you or a loved one resides in a Florida nursing home. You and your family will be glad you did!