ICP – Medicaid Institutionalized Care Program

Medicaid’s Institutional Care Program (ICP), commonly referred to as the Nursing Home Care Program was originally created to provide low-income financial aid to offset the rising costs of medical care and housing. It offers medical payment assistance at reduced or no cost however, as with all Medicaid benefit programs, it has its own set of requirements to qualify of benefits.

Medicaid ICP is a government assistance program that provides financial assistance to pay the cost for Nursing Home care for those who qualify based on financial need. ICP is jointly funded by federal and state governments, and administered by the Department of Children and Families (DCF) in Florida. Medicaid does not pay the entire cost of a person’s Nursing Home expenses; the patient contributes an amount based on their monthly income, or patient’s responsibility. Medicaid then pays the Nursing Home the approved rate for the facility.

For a single resident living in Florida, patient responsibility equals their total gross income, less $105 for personal expenses. For a married couple, calculating patient responsibility can be a bit more complicated. Typically, if the well, or community spouse has a modest income, they can receive a portion of their spouse’s income to help maintain a reasonable standard of living.